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between wit and wonder
left vacant

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Quiet Esthetic

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Haiku usually have a seasonal theme, but in this case, as a new year begins, the theme is for all seasons. 

The three artisans who created the magnificent Portland Japanese Gardens on a 5.5 acre plot left only this small post cap (approximately 3.5" square) scribed with their mon [crest] to mark their monumental four years of work. The post stands near the poetry stone, which is the singular example of poetry in the entire garden.

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In Japanese, the haiku on the stone by the renowned 20th century haiku poet, Shuoshi Mizuhara (1892-1981) who visited the garden in 1966, reads:

Koko ni kite
Nihon no haru hi
Teru gotoshi

The English translation:

Here, miles from Japan,
I stand as if warmed by the
Spring sunshine of home

May this new year be filled with great works of beauty accomplished with esthetic restraint! 

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