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Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Hall of Dancing Brush

"Hanko" or Seal for a painting

Years ago I ask my Sensei if a hanko could be made for my studio - "Dancing Brush Studio". The seal shown above is the result. Lately I wondered about the seal script (an ancient Chinese pictographic form) as to what elements compose the derivative meaning, so I asked about it among people interested in all things Japanese.

A very accomplished calligrapher, Ponte Ryuurui, joined the discussion and did some research (there are about 90.000 potential characters to consider). 
Ponte Ryuurui wrote: 舞(dance)筆(brush)之(possesive particle) and last kanji I am not sure of.
Hideo Suzuki wrote: The latter means corridor or hall....and 篆刻体 of which looks alike?
Ponte san replied: Thank you, Hideo san, this is 廊. So the radical in question was 阝. So the full phrase goes 舞筆之廊 - The Hall of Dancing Brush. Chinese: wǔ bǐ zhī láng, Japanese: まいふでのろう mai fude no rō (I think).
Hideo san concurred: 舞筆之廊 looks perfect! and "mai fude no rō" sounds nice!

Thank you, Mr. Ryuurui and Mr. Suzuki. I am grateful to you both for helping to clarify the meaning. And thank you to others who shared in the conundrum of deciphering the seal's meaning. 

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